At Shivam Concrete Technology, we are dedicated to take challenging task and complete it in time.

Following exemplify the same:

  • Took are rehabilitation work of old Tapi bridge, where 20ft of flowing water and height of 60ft presented challenging environment to work. The work was entrusted by UP State Bridge Corporation
  • Completed difficult task of rehabilitation of 8 bridges in 2.5 months for Sadbhav Engineering. It help them to complete the project in time
  • Completed most challenging task of rehabilitation and bearing replacement of Balaram Bridge in 20 days (which normally takes 2 months). It was critical for L&T to complete the project in time
  • Helped client with technical assistant to save bridges which were to reconstructed, hence saving money and time
  • Completed rehabilitation of Banas Bridge (approx length of 600mts) in 3 months where each span’s height was 10 mts.