Bridge Lifting And Replacement of Bearing

Damaged Bearing

Bearing is very important structural element of bridge. Its malfunction result into very serious damage to superstructure and substructure. So damage/malfunctioning bearings needs to be replaced. Hence to cater very important need of bridge we carry out inspection of bearings to identify damage/malfunctioning bearings. Then we assess the structure for preparing possible lifting arrangement. We have replaced bearings of 7 spans of existing bridges where superstructure was badly damaged in very adverse conditions. Now a days construction period has come down drastically so speedy construction new techniques has to be adopted.



Lifting Arrangement



We have modern & variety of hydraulic jacks for all kind of lifting. We have more than 70 hydraulic jacks which are operated by Power Pack.



Double acting   Single Acting   Total
100 Tn: 26 nos   100 Tn: 14 nos   100 Tn: 40 nos
250 Tn: 14 nos.   250 Tn: 17 nos   250 Tn: 31nos.
Power Pack: 5 nos   Power Pack: 6 nos.   Power Pack: 11 nos




Placing of Pedestal on Pier   Power Pack for Lifting
Extension of Pedestal   After Replacement of Bearing
Superstructure without Bearing   Lifting Arrangement
Fixing Bottom Portion of Bearing   Chemical Fixing of Top Portion of Bearing