Bidge Load Test And Rating of Bridge

Modern loading with Test Vehicle

Bridge load test is very important and critical test for confirmation of construction of bridge is as per design. We carry out testing as IRC SP: 51 and IRC SP : 37

We have very experience team of professional for bridge load test. Our team has carried out BLT of 30 bridges. We have team to design the bridge load test and carried out Analytical Load Test. Analytical bridge load is very useful for existing bridge. Normally Bridge Load test is carried out by Conventional method of platform and loading is done with sand bag/concrete block. However, this method is very risky, inconvenient, time consuming and costly. If test is not performed with care then there are chances of collapse of span. So we have adopted newer loading method which reduces time by 60% to 70% and cost by 30%. Newer loading is been done by commercial available test vehicles.

Staging Arrangement