Structural Modification And Extention

Chipping existing Foundation

In today’s world space is reducing, so one need to use existing structure and go for vertical extension or to modify existing structure to take more load. In either case we have solution to fit the client requirement.

We have our team of designer and technology experts to prepare complete proposal for vertical extension / modification of the structure.






Strengthening of Foundation:






  • Existing foundation was opened
  • Additional reinforcement was tie to existing after exposing the later by chipping out them
  • And concreting of requisite size was carried out


Additional reinforcement is weld with existing   Anchor for additional reinforcement



Strengthening of Column:


  • Top surface of column was roughened and shear anchor was provided with use approved chemical
  • Reinforcement was tied to the existing square column (600mm*600mm) to make it round
  • Reinforcement from footing were extended to ground floor and from ground floor to 1st floor without disturbing existing beams on four side of columns
  • This reinforcement were covered by shortcerting of 43 MPa Material


Existing Column   Anchor for additional reinforcement
Additional Reinforcement tied to anchor   View of circular column after strengthening