Pile foundations are very important and critical in today’s construction. To ensure pile can take requisite load pile testing is very common and necessary. Normally conventional method (Kentledge method i.e. concrete block and platform) is used. However this method is very inconvenient, cumbersome, costly and time consuming. So modern, faster and economical method e.g. rock anchoring, anchor pile & Dynamic (Pile analyzer: needs to be adopted. These methods require very less space as compare to Kentledge method.

Rock anchor save almost 40% cost and 60 to 70% time as compare to kentledge method. Similarly Dynamic pile load save almost 70% of cost and 80 to 90% of time as compare to kentledge method.

We have adopted these both methods (i.e. Rock anchor and Dynamic Pile load) for one of our client and they were very happy with them as it saved them cost and time.

Dynamic Pile Testing

Arrangement for Dynamic Pile Test   Hammer arrangement forDynamic Pile Test

Rock Anchor Method

Arrangement of Rock Anchor Method   Cable for Rock Anchoring