We adopt very systematic approach for the consultancy of any rehabilitation/strengthening project. We follow approach listed below:

  • Understand the need of the client and project
  • Identify and analysis root cause of problem
  • Do the literature review and discussion for all kind possible solution
  • Choose best possible solution as per requirement of structure and its durability

We shoulder the responsibility and be a part of the Team

We follow National and International Code e.g. IRC SP: 37, IRC: SP 40, EN 1504, and many other as well research paper in our approach in consultancy

We take up consultancy for:

  • Preparation of Rehabilitation / Strengthening proposal
  • Design Lifting / Bearing replacement proposal
  • Routine inspection of bridges
  • Special Case investigation of the structure

As of now we have inspected and design rehabilitation proposal for more than 125 bridges for L&T (NHAI Project), IRB (NHAI Project) and Public Works Departments. Carried out routine inspection of 5 bridges and Design lifting/bearing replacement proposal for 8 spans.