Balaram Bridge

Repairs of Superstructure

  • For other bearings
    cleaning, greasing and repairs (i.e. providing nuts bolts) were done.
  • Casting of bearing pedestal
    At pier P3 there was no pedestals below the bearing so 3 no. of new pedestal were precast by micro concrete of size 780*700*285.
  • Bearing
    Replacement of all existing bearing at span 3 by Neoprene bearing.
  • Main girder and diaphragm beam
    Polymer Modified Cement Mortar, & PMC grouting were applied for inadequate cover & honey comb. Applied epoxy mortar, injection of epoxy resin for crack sealing.
  • Bottom slab
    Repair of bottom slab was done by low permeability polymer modified cementious mortar for inadequate cover.
  • Top slab
    Polymer cement grout has been applied at top of slab.
  • Drainage spout
    New drainage spout placed vertically upright with longer length has been provided in all spans in one side due to uni camber profile.
  • Expansion joint
    Replaced all asphaltic expansion joint by new strip seal expansion joint.
  • Cement concrete wearing
    Removal of damaged C.C. wearing coat and replacement with mastic asphalt wearing after maintaining the proper slope for drainage.
  • Kerb beam and parapet wall
    Existing parapet wall was demolished and holes drilled in concrete, fixed reinforced in hole with lock fix and constructed new crash barrier.