Balaram Bridge

Sub Soil Investigation

Sub-soil investigations were carried out to ascertain the nature of the soil below the well curb. Details of sub-soil investigation carried out near well no.2 and well no.5.

The U/S bore no.8 near well no.2 chart indicated that there was a layer of sand up to R.L. 181.725 from O.G.L. After that up to R.L. 178.066 course with gravel was found, up to R.L. 177.151 small loose boulder was found and up to R.L. 171.966 hard morum was found.

The D/S side bore no.2 near well no.5 shown more variation in strata. Up to R.L. 181.725 median sand loose strata, up to R.L. 179.895 course sand with loose boulders, up to R.L. 176.236 fine sand compacted strata, up to R.L. 174.711 hard morum, up to R.L. 172.576 sand with loose boulders and up to 171.968 soft rock were found.